Saturday, February 23, 2013

I "believe" YOU?

I "believe" don't you?  Whether you do or not, this little cutie believes in unicorns :o)  She even has her own little unicorn stick horse and perhaps she believes SOOOO much she has grown her very own sparkly horn.

This image is from Tammy's Etsy shop at A Day for Daisies.  The image is called "Unicorn Toy" and you can find it HERE.  You will enjoy dealing with Tammy and shopping her amazing images.

I colored her with Copic markers and added my favoirite papers in soft pastels.  I enjoy making easel cards because they are easy to display.

"Full Figured Fairy"

Another image from Tammy from A Day for Daisies.  I love these full-figured fairies.  Because, let's just get this out on the table :o)  We all aren't rail thin, some of us have curves :o)

I colored her with Copic markers, added some of my favorite papers, ribbons and embellishments.  Most of my rectangular cards are 5" x 7".

Last, I added a sentiment to the inside of the card.  We all need a "WISH" every once in a while :o)

Realistic Fairy

Cardmaking is my favorite activity when I need to think.  I can sit and think, put colors together, cut, color, contemplate and THINK some more.  I decided to share some I have done over the last couple months and then I will get to some recent ones...

This image is was purchased from one of my favorite Etsy digital image designers... you can find her images HERE  Tammy is super nice and has a really sweet style to her images.


Sisser Day!!

I was lucky enough to have Monday the 18th off for President's Day.  My sister and I decided to make it our very own day that we named "Sisser Day".  I made her a card to celebrate the day!

My sister, Michelle, and I adore thrift shopping.  If you listen to any current pop songs, you will recognize the wording on the card :o)  I drew an image of my sister (on the left) and myself (on the right).

I colored my image with copic markers and added some of my favorite papers and embellishments.

And here is the inside. 

Just so you know, we had a WONDERFUL day together.  I adore my sister!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Well, here it very FIRST post on my blog.  You will please have to excuse me because I am entirely new to blogging.  My blog can go nowhere but UP :o)

I decided to start a blog to share one of my favorite hobbies, card making.  I love to color with Copic Markers and I thoroughly enjoy using people's hand drawn digital images.  Speaking of . . . here one is; her name is Ellie at the Beach:

The digital image was hand drawn by an amazing lady on Etsy.  I am pleased to say that I am currently a member of their design team.  Please check out her amazing stuff: